Located in the heart of old Munich, our two-story office shares our energy: professional with a touch of playful craziness.

Our office is so unique, it helped us stand out from over 7000 applicants and win a Red Dot Award 2020 in the Spatial Communication category.

Lush, floral patterns welcome guests into our reception area and give them a taste of the stylistic fusion awaiting them.

A monochrome ball pit, a Sci-Fi room with an interactive flatscreen table, a jungle room filled with hammocks, wooden stumps, and a wall of plants line the hall to a large kitchen with pop art accents.

The range of environments allows us to accommodate clients where they feel most comfortable while keeping our team inspired in unique co-working spaces.

An open-plan office, a conference room full of the newest technology, and the managing-director's office with a fun accent wall of old circuit boards give the second floor a more traditional office flair.

Our corporate office design, based entirely on the foundation of our updated CI – the association between adabay and the fox – isn't just aesthetically pleasing. Our award-winning office and renewed CI are the real-life extentions of our spirit, our team, and our new digital world.

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Creating a new, digital world – together.