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Our Work

Design, coding, and online marketing - we do it all, and we do it well. That's why some of the biggest companies in Germany have trusted us with their projects.

Munich Re

Online Marketing for Garden

More than just your standard social media ads campaign - our work doesn't start with the first ad or end with the last. The perfect campaign starts with market, audience and keyword research. It never ends thanks to ongoing community management. What's the cherry on top? Our technical team coded the app.


Creative for HypoVereinsbank

Mobile Banking, it's become quite the staple nowadays. So how did the HypoVereinsbank separate their app from the rest? They worked with us to create two animated videos showcasing all of the exciting new features in the app, for both the Play and App stores.

THW Jugend

App Development for THW

What helps THW youth group leaders stay informed, organized, and up to date? Their new app which, by the way, we created - from initial design to technical implementation.



Online Marketing.

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Leander Seidl-Walz

Marketing & HR Director