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Our Agency

We're a colorful little bunch - which makes describing our team quite the tricky task. Why not stop by and experience the adabay-vibe for yourself?

We're motivated. We're creative.

We are adabay!

Many faces – one goal.

From a small two-man company in mom's basement, a 30-headed, colourful team has grown up over the last few years.

Lots of sweat and tears, intensive laughing muscle training and some wild office partys made us the team we are today.

More than just a workplace.

A ballpit, a jungle with hammocks, an in-house bar and a 100sqm roof terrace - our office not only offers space for creative and productive work, but also for the fun around it. 

Creating new things together.

With every project and every challenge, we grow a little further. In doing so, we always maintain a balance between professionalism and friendship.

Looking for a job?

Leander Seidl-Walz

Marketing & HR Director