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From passwords and phishing to risks in the home office - your own team is often the weak point that attackers exploit. Through effective measures such as pentesting, application support and security awareness training, we increase security in your company and minimize cyber threats.

What we offer you

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Security tests that reveal vulnerabilities in your web applications and lay the foundation for digital security.

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Application support

In an emergency, we are immediately on the spot to detect and stop security breaches and minimize damage and downtime.

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Security Awareness Training

Our tailored training programs enhance your team's ability to identify and avoid cyber threats at an early stage.

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2021

Around 85 % of data breaches are due to human error. Security training for employees minimizes this risk.

Our workflow

Using pentesting as an example
Analysis & planning

In an initial meeting, we define the objectives of the pentesting together, determine the scope of the systems to be tested and specify the test methods.

Execution of automated & manual tests

Simulated cyberattacks on the agreed systems and applications are used to uncover security gaps and vulnerabilities. During this process, we stay in close contact with you and draw your attention to possible critical discoveries.

Results report & handover

Once the tests have been completed, we create a detailed report that includes all vulnerabilities found and their potential impact. After reporting, the results are passed on to the customer and further steps to improve IT security are discussed.

Insight into our projects

Security awareness training

For our client THW Jugend, we conducted comprehensive security awareness training for their employees. The focus was particularly on making employees aware of important security aspects in the digital sphere. As part of a tailored phishing campaign, specific emails were sent out to test and strengthen security awareness.


For eueco, we conducted a comprehensive pentesting of their Drupal 10 instance to ensure the security of their web application. Our team effectively uncovered critical vulnerabilities that were previously unknown. Following our detailed report, the client implemented our recommended security measures, resulting in a significant strengthening of their cyber defenses.

Application support

In our collaboration with Tresp & CIE, we implemented a comprehensive package of application support services. The measures included regular security updates, continuous monitoring and careful certificate management, which contributed to optimal availability and security of the application.


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